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    Trinity food pantry helps those in need

    10.05.17 | News, Church

    Every day, Trinity has the capacity to assist four families in need of food. The community service touches the lives of dozens of people each month. For one recipient, the food pantry made all the difference as she worked her way through school...

      Second graders test absorbency

      10.03.17 | News, School

      Matter is all around us. There are many properties that help identify matter. The second grade is learning more about them and recently they learned about one property, absorbency.  Using different types of paper, the students tested how...

        Third graders learn about prayer

        09.25.17 | News, School

        Part of forming full devoted followers of Jesus Christ means teaching the followers to Engage God through prayer. Catha Huff, third grade teacher at Trinity, recently taught her class to pray using the ACTS method.  The students follow the...

          Upper grade science learns the scientific method

          09.20.17 | News, School

          Is there a better way to make a coffee cup? The Trinity upper grade students are trying to find out, by using the scientific method. Upper grade science teacher Mary Burrus is teaching the sixth, seventh and eighth graders the scientific method...

            First Grade celebrates International Dot Day

            09.18.17 | News, School

            The first graders made their mark on International Dot Day on Sept. 15. Dot Day is a global celebration based on the Peter H. Reynold’s book, The Dot. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own...

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