A Veterans Day reminder for every day

11.10.17 | News, School

    The day before Veterans Day, Trinity students each received a small, plastic army figurine. These are commonly know as the "little green army men." However, they weren't to play with, instead they were given out as a reminder to pray. 

    Sixth-grader Thomas Phillips spearheaded the effort to give the army figures to each student. 

    "Keep your army guy somewhere you will see him each day, like on your night stand or in your sock drawer," said fellow sixth-grader Charlotte McGee. 

    Phillips added, "Every time you see your army guy, pray for a veteran. Give God thanks for the men and women that serve our country."

    The students were able to personally thank veterans and those in active duty on Wednesday, Nov. 8 during chapel. Pictures are available from our Facebook page and more information is available from the our website article