Upper grade science learns the scientific method

09.20.17 | News, School

    Is there a better way to make a coffee cup? The Trinity upper grade students are trying to find out, by using the scientific method.

    Upper grade science teacher Mary Burrus is teaching the sixth, seventh and eighth graders the scientific method by challenging the students through the "Creative Cup Competition." 

    "The students have been using inquiry to problem solve how to create a more effective coffee cup. They had to use the scientific method to document and design the experiment," said Burrus. 

    The scientific method is the process by which people test a hypothesis, whether they are aware or not. The process is typically ongoing, but in conducting research, the students follow these steps:

    • Make an observation
    • Ask questions
    • Form a hypothesis and make a prediction
    • Test the prediction
    • Present the results

    They had to improve last year’s winner which was just a plain Styrofoam cup.

    The students used aluminum foil, felt, wax paper, tape and other supplies. 

    "They found that by adding insulation and a lid that it improved last year's winner," said Burrus. 

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