Living Your Strengths

Trinity provides two opportunities for people to explore more about themselves and God’s call in their life, Living Your Strengths and Let Your Life Speak.
We are fed the idea in our culture that to be acceptable we need to be well-rounded.  Though that is the prevailing notion, a closer look shows how untrue it actually is.  People who are really effective and really excited about life are generally those who have discovered what they do best and have found great ways to do it.  That is the idea of the Living Your Strengths journey.

Have you completed Living Your Strengths, but still want more? Check out Let Your Life Speak!

Living Your Strengths is...

  • different from anything most people have ever done at a church so far
  • very practical, and applies to work life, personal life, and family life
  • very good at connecting the participants together, more than most group experiences
  • helpful in terms of sorting out things in the past but also in preparing an individual for the future
  • fascinating—it teaches participants a lot about themselves, others, and people in general
  • a good spiritual boost
  • great for people in transition since it provides real direction for next steps
  • potentially able to significantly strengthen Trinity as a congregation


Wednesdayss, 7- 8:30 p.m., Jan. 25-March 8
Meeting Room 3 
Book cost is $15*
Email or call 586-463-2921 to sign up.

* Are you the parent of a child age 12 or younger and live in Macomb County? If yes, Great Start Parenting Coalition of Macomb County provides the book at NO cost to you. Those completing the class will also receive Strengths Based Leadership.

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