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    Thrivent Action Teams can make a diffference

    06.18.20 | Church

    "In my 30 years it's the best program I've seen Thriven do and it's so easy and so simple," said David Collins, a Thrivent representative and Trinity member.  The idea is this: As a Thrivent member, you are eligible for several benefits...

      LERT team assembles flood buckets

      05.27.20 | Church

      While our HARP team's plans to travel to the Appalacian region were scrapped, they still wanted to help the poor and needy of that area. They put out the call for flood buckets and hygiene kit donations and we even shared the story of...

        Kandt brothers keep the Trinity tradition alive

        05.01.20 | Church

        In honor of National Brother and Sisters Day, we bring you the stories of two sets of brothers who attend Trinity.  If you’ve seen Floyd Kandt, then you’d recognize his identical twin brother Lloyd. Both of them have been at...

          Confirmation Update

          04.23.20 | Church

          Due to COVID -19 at this time we are suspending all confirmation modules till the end of the year.  PLEASE DON'T PANIC.  We will be offering all classes in the fall to ensure that that those 8th graders in need of finishing classes will...

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