Dorothy Stroup assembles hygiene kits

05.13.20 | EngageTheWorld

    What does a 104-year-old woman do during a worldwide pandemic and quaratine? If it's Dorothy Stroup, she assembles hygiene kits. 

    Pastor Gary Richard, minister for pastorcal care, has made two trips to Stroup's house to pick up the kits she has assembled. On the last trip, he picked up 30 kits. 

    "Mom used to belong to many church groups and volunteered for many duties in the church. Following her fractured hip in 2014, she was physically unable to do those activities," said Dennis Stroup, her son and caregiver. "She thought this was something she could do on her own time at her own pace and still contribute to the mission of Trinity and help people in need." 

    Trinity uses the hygiene kits in a variety of ways. Typically, these kits are given to victims of natural disasters who don't have the basics. They contain a towel, wash cloth, bars of soap, a toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, comb and deodorant. 

    Dennis said Dorothy works on this project as she can.

    "While she doesn't work at this every day, it does give her a sense of purpose and still works for the church," said Dennis.

    To learn more about hygiene kits, and the way in which Trinity uses them, visit the HARP website