First grade learns about agriculture

05.13.19 | News, School

    Spring is here! It may not always feel like it, but the plants are pollinating and seeds are being planted. The first grade got a lesson in agriculture from teacher Mrs. Bender's father, Mr. Howe. 

    Mr. Howe works for Star of the West Milling Company in Frankenmuth, Mich. and as a background in agriculture. Currently, his company works with beans and wheat. 

    On Friday, May 10, Mr. Howe visited the first grade classroom to talk to the students about how crops are planted, cared for and harvested. He talked about how beans and wheat are used in items they eat every day, 

    Mr. Howe presented a slideshow about work on a farm, and even how Mrs. Bender used to help on her grandpa's farm. 

    The kids had time to ask questions about agriculture, what he does and about beans and wheat. They had plenty to ask. Afterward, they got to sample a product that uses flour from his company: Goldfish! 

    Earlier in the week, the kids planted wheat seeds and watching them grow in the classroom.