Literacy tips for early learners

08.09.20 | News, ECC

    Sunday, Aug. 9 is National Book Lovers Day! Jessica Platte, assistant director of the Early Childhood Center provides five tips for promoting literacy with early learners. 

    Young Readers Foundation promotes reading among children. The foundation states that reading is an exercise for the mind. Reading can also help kids to relax, calm themselves and learn along the way. Research shows that kids who read grow up to have better cognitive skills. 

    Platte has these five tips to encourage young children to become life-long readers. 

    1.    Read to your child daily! No matter their age. 

    2.    Book! Books! Books! Be sure to provide a variety of different books for your child. 

    3.    Provide opportunities for your child to read to you. If you have a child who is not able to read just yet, open up a book and let your child tell the story by looking at the pictures. If you have a reader at home, have your child read to you! 

    4.    During mealtimes, in the car, or while taking a walk, have your child tell you a story. It’s amazing what they can come up with. 

    5.    Literacy is all around us, whether we're driving in the car, out to eat, in the grocery store, or the kitchen. We see signs, menus, food labels, ext. When your child notices these forms of print, encourage them to read it to you. If they're not quite ready to read, point out print to your child.

    Now settle in with your young reader and listen to Platte read "Pete the Cat."