Member uses musical talents to entertain community

06.26.20 | EngageTheWorld

    For 84 straight days, Ken Madeleine set up his speaker, microphone, music stand and got out his guitar. He sat on his porch and sang songs for the niehgbors while his wife, Debi, broadcasted them live to Facebook. This was their way of giving back to the community. 

    On the cold days, they would stay inside and Debi would broadcast the makeshift concert. Or, they would bundle up and she'd sit inside her sports tent on the porch to share the music online. 

    As the weather got nicer, Debi said neighbors began to show up each evening with lawn chairs to take in the show. They could request songs of Ken and he would play them. He estimates he played more than 450 songs. 

    "It's such a blessing to us. Ken likes to be busy all the time. This was a way for him to stay busy and give back, " said Debi. 

    After 84 straight days of neighborhood concerts, Ken decide to move to weekly porch shows. He is still taking requests for the songs. Debi is stil using Facebook Live to share them with the world. 

    "I have no idea who watches it or if they like it, but I've learned a lot about Facebook and sharing the video," said Debi.