SCAM ALERT: Email scam targets worshipers

09.19.19 | News, Church, School, ECC

    There is an e-mail scam targeting worshipers and Trinity wants to make sure none of our members fall victim to it. 

    According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are sending e-mail messages posing as pastors, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders. They are asking for gift cards. 

    From the FTC:
    The imposter asks you to buy a popular gift card — frequently, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon — and then asks for the gift card number and PIN on the back of the card. Those numbers let the scammer immediately get the money you loaded onto the card. And once that’s done, the scammer and your money are gone, usually without a trace.

    Trinity welcomes physical gift cards that can be used for our food pantry and to help the needy in our community. We will never ask for members to purchase gift cards and send them electronically. 

    If you receive such an e-mail, just delete it. No further action needs to be taken.