Thrivent Action Teams can make a diffference

06.18.20 | News, Church, EngageTheWorld

    "In my 30 years it's the best program I've seen Thriven do and it's so easy and so simple," said David Collins, a Thrivent representative and Trinity member. 

    The idea is this: As a Thrivent member, you are eligible for several benefits that can help make an impact in the world. First, there are Thrivent Action Teams. 

    "Thrivent gives our clients, two Action Teams per year, where you get a $250 gift card to help others," said Collins. These Action Teams have been used by Trinity members to purchase supplies for flood buckets and hygiene kits, make fleece blankets for students at L'Anse Cruese's alternative high school, help with MCREST, purchase coats to take to Covenant House and various other individual projects. 

    If you are a Thrivent member, applying is easy. Go to Thrivent.com and click on Generosity. The form takes a few minutes to complete. Just provide your contact information, how you plan to help others and within a few days, you will know if your project has been approved and when you will receive your money. 

    If you are not a Thrivent member and have a project you want to support, you can always pair up with a Thrivent member to use their Action Team. 

    If you have any questions or need more information, contact Dave Collins at 586-201-8779 or