Trinity family serves up corona-dogs

05.28.20 | EngageTheWorld

    Dawn Maurer said her husband, Andy, had always wanted to grill up some hot dogs in the front yard and serve them to anyone who stopped. While the family was home during the stay-at-home order, they decided to go for it and they put out the word that they would have a corona-dog event. 

    Maurer said it was important to her that everyone stayed safe.

    "We had no tables set up. People just stayed as they should. We cooked for them and put them in a bin on a table. They did all their own toppings," said Maurer. 

    They had no idea how many people would show up, but they spread the word on Facebook and they put a sign up in front of their house. Maurer said it was a great way to see their old friends and meet new ones. 

    "We will definitely do it again," she said.