Two classes pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child

11.15.18 | News, Church, School

    Third grade teacher Catha Huff has been packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child for years. Last year, her first year teaching at Trinity, she was able to pack the boxes with the help of her class. This year, even more children around the world will be blessed as seventh graders got in on the project as well. 

    Earlier in the week, seventh graders from Mary Burrus' classroom packed boxes with toys, books, trinkets and other needed items for needy boys and girls around the world. 

    On Thursday, Huff's third graders filled their boxes. They had coloring books, Play-Doh, small stuffed animals and other goodies to fill the boxes. 

    Both classes had help obtaining items and shipping the boxes through a Thrivent Financial Action Team.

    "It warms my heart to see their compassion for needy kids around the world. This project goes beyond the walls of Trinity, beyond our neighborhood and gives them a chance to Engage the World as third graders," said Huff. 

    Using the Thrivent Action Team, the classes will also track the boxes to find out where each box travels. 

    The third graders packed the boxes with the items and then spent time sharing with a partner the items they put in the box. Then, they took turns praying over the boxes. 

    To see more pictures of the students packing their boxes, visit our Facebook photo album