5th grade serves community organizations

May 19, 2021

Students in Cheryl Chuhran's fifth grade class have heard the call to be God's servant and have answered. They have been working on two community service outreach programs under the direction of Mrs. Chuhran. On Friday, May 14, they worked diligently to complete the projects and bless others in the community. 

"As I reflect on this year and consider all of our blessings, it has caused me to focus my attention on the needs of others in our community. God has laid a couple of groups in our community on my heart. I would like us to show our gratitude to God for his blessings by following the call of servanthood. We do that by being a blessing to others," said Chuhran. 

In honor of Mother's Day, the fifth grade class collected baby items for the mothers who visit Compassion Pregnancy Center during an unplanned pregnancy. 

"Young women as well as older women who experience an unplanned pregnancy may feel trapped, pressured or feel as if they have no other option than terminating their pregnancy. Compassion Pregnancy Center located in Clinton Township is able to assist those ladies who many feel this way," said Chuhran. She added that Compassion Pregnancy Center provides ultrasounds and Christian counseling services to the women in need. They also help new moms prepare for their babies.  

Chuhran organized a "baby shower" in honor of the students' moms and or special women in their lives. The gifts and donations went directly to Compassion Pregnancy Center to help the moms in need. The students donated baby bottles, baby bath towels, clothes up to size 4T, diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, sunscreen, lotion and baby and toddler shoes. 

The students spent some time on May 14, praying over the gifts before they were loaded into a parent's van and taken to Compassion Pregnancy Center. 

This effort was supported by a Thrivent Action Team grant, which helped to puchased additional supplies.

It wouldn't be a baby shower without some treats, so after loading the car, the students celebrated with donuts. 

The fifth graders worked on a second project as well. 

"Last year, we weekly, if not daily, had the privilege of seeing our local police officers walk our hallways. They always were pleasant and their presence was comforting. This year, they haven't been able to come into the building. Their presence is missed. I wanted us to do something for them to let them know we miss and appreciate them," said Chuhran. 

She teamed up with fifth-grade parent Jon Kohlmann, or as our community knows him, "The Cookie Man." He agreed to make several bathces of cookies for the local law enforcement officers, which is nearly 100 people. 

"Those cookies have made such an impact on our health care professionals, I just know they will do the same for our law enforcements officers and staff," said Chuhran. 

The classwrote letters of gratitude and encouragement to the officers and staff. They will be attached to a pacage of cookies and delivered to the local police department. 

A Thrivent Action Team grant was also used to help cover the cost of the supplies for the service project. 


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