6th grade outdoor ed trip offered many new experiences

October 02, 2023

Trinity's sixth grade camp returned from outdoor ed with many stories to tell and moments to share with their parents, families and other students in the school. Three days at Michigan Christian Youth Camp (MCYC) in Attica, Michigan allowed the students to explore canoeing, hiking, horseriding, a ropes course, crafts and plenty of teambuilding activities. 

Jill Kopper, Trinity's sixth grade teacher, said the students learned new things about God's creation while working together on several fun activities. The students learned about taking care of horses, edible plants in nature and went to a class on wetlands. After learning about the wetlands, they even had a chance to explore a local wetland. 

While the students were busy in natures, they also took some time to make dip candles and also a leather craft keepsake. They also went on a hayride around the camp (while singing some of their favorite Christian songs) and had a campfire. 

"There were a lot of activities planned, but they also had some time to be with their friends, making memories in the wonderful world God gave us," said Kopper. 

The students were accompanied by several of their parents as well as Miss Kopper and the adults were able to get in on some of the fun as well. We've posted lots of pictures below. 

6th Grade Outdoor Ed 2023

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