FBI visits 7th and 8th grade

Students get first-hand account of what it's like to work at the FBI

April 27, 2023

As the Trinity 8th grade wraps up their last few weeks of middle school and 7th grades begin considering their future, they are looking beyond the walls of the classroom and into things they may want to try in high school, study in college or explore as career opportunities. In April, a FBI agent (who we are not naming for safety reasons) visited the students to introduce them to careers in the FBI as well as talk about what he does and ways they can keep themselves safe. 

The agent gave the students information on his background and what he does all day with the FBI. They learned he is part of raids and there is a lot of organization and practice that goes into apprehending criminals. He also let the students try some of his equipment. They held the ballistics shield, felt the hand cuffs, tried on his helmet and experienced the weight of his bullletproof vest and his tactical belt. Students learned about how to explore a career in the FBI. They learned that it isn't all physical fitness and weapona training--they have to study and work hard in school, too. 

In another portion of the presentation, the agent stressed how easy it is to become a victim of a crime, particularly those online. He urged them not to reveal personal information or agree to meet people they meet on the Internet or through video games. 

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