Second grade has fun, fall activities

November 02, 2023

Jamie McMahon's second grade class had a few fun activities lately, tying many of the classroom concepts in unique, hands-on experiences. 

First, the class had a Charlotte's Web Celebration. The students read the book, "Charlotte's Web," by E. B. White over several weeks. During their Charlotte's Web Celebration, they watched the movie while having Wilbur's bew punch, spider's eggs and popcorn that were donated by the classroom parents. After viewing the film, they discussed the similarities and differences in the book and the movie. 

The class also used their math and science skills to carve pumpkins. Parents volunteered to work with students in groups, measuring the pumpkin, weighing the pumpkins. They also counted the seeds in their pumpkins. Then, they carved them into fun shapes to celebrate the fall season.

Second Grade Fall Activities 2023

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