Sixth graders identify spiritual mentors

March 22, 2021

One of the staples of our sixth grade experience is the spiritual mentor letters that the students write each spring. 

Sixth grade teacher, Brian Anders, works with the students to identify the people in their lives that can help them grow in their spirituality. These can be parents, grandparents, other family members and friends. 

Once the students have found the people in their lives that they feel help them connect to God, they formulate a letter to them. They write about why they look up to the person and ask them to continue to pray for them and support them. 

After all the letters are written, Mr. Anders takes the students to the mailbox to pray over the letters before they go out into the world. 

Anders' class recently sent out their letters for this year. They have arrived in the homes of the recipents. We hope they will continue to pray for the students. 

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