Students mark See You at the Pole

September 28, 2022

While our students are free to pray, worship and praise God throughout the day, there are many students in school who do not have that freedom. In honor of the right our students have, and that other don't, our students participated in See You at the Pole, an international event where student gather at the school flagpole to pray. 

In September 1990, more than 45,000 teenages are various schools met at school flagpoles to pray. They got the idea from a national youth conference held the previous year in Colorado. Students at that conference spread the word about praying at the flagpole and coordinated with others across the country to simultaneously pray outside of their schools. Just one year later, on Sept. 11, 1991, it is estimated one million students gathered at their school flagpoles to pray--all thanks to the idea of a few teens at a conference. 

The movement continued to grow and now the event is marked internationally. Trinity has chapel outside around the flagpole on See You at the Pole day each year. This year, students raised the flag, sang songs with Trinity's Minister of Worship and Music Paul Finazzo and Campus Director of Children's Ministry Elizabeth Parrish, prayed together and said the pledges. The short chapel service was livestreamed for our families. 

Trinity's students recognized that not all students have the ability to pray and worship at school, and they prayed for those students, teachers and schools. They also prayed for the military and first responders, Christians around the world and those who don't know Jesus. 

See pictures from our event: 

2022-See You at the Pole

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