Students send gifts to those in need

November 18, 2022

Life generously. That's the theme surrounding the Thrivent Action Teams. We had two classes use Action Teams to live generously and provide Christmas support for those in need. 

Catha Huff's third grade class participated in Operation Christmas Child. Some families participated on their own as well, filling all of the boxes Mrs. Huff had available. The students packed boxes with things like soap and wash cloths, but also toys, cups, straws, colored pencils and coloring books. The boxes will be shipped to boys and girls ages 5-9 around the world. The Thrivent Action Team helped with purchasing some of the items for the boxes as well as the postage to send and track the boxes as they travel to their final destinations. 

Once the students filled their boxes with special gifts, they wrote a note and put it in the box. Afterward, the class spent time praying over the boxes and for the children who will be receiving them. 

Meanwhile, down the hall, the kindergarten class took time to load up gifts their class purchased for Macomb Foster Closet. With the assistance of a Thrivent Action Team, as well as the generosity of the classroom families, Andrea Gastmeier's kindergarteners brought it diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, clothes and toys to support the Macomb Foster Closet this Christmas. 

Before the students helped load the items into a parent's car to head to the Macomb Foster Closet, Mrs. Gastmeier led them all in prayer. They prayed for the Foster Closet, the foster parents and the children who receive the items this winter. 

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