Trinity's Food Pantry receives donation from Meijer Simply Give

July 31, 2023

Trinity's Food Pantry received $17,540 dollars from the Meijer Simply Give campaign. Thank you for donating to the program, which helps us stock our shelves and ensure food is available for the needy in the community. 
During this Simply Give Campaign, we received $4,710 in donation card purchases. The double-match day yielded an additional $7,802 and the Meijer LPGA Class proceeds were divided up among the food banks. Trinity received $4,680. While the donation cards are only $10, those cards add up to help us support the community. 

The 2023 Spring Simply Give Campaign beneffited food banks throughout the Midwest. Just this campaign raised $2.76 million to feed hungry families. Since its inception in November 2008, the Siply Give program has netted $83.5 million. Trinity members' donations are part of that total. Our congregation provides support to our pantry each year through this program. Through it, Trinity gets gift cards, which can be used to purchase food items and select baby care items from Meijer. They are integral to the success of Trinity's Food Pantry. 

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