Our History

In the 1850’s, there were many German immigrants in the Mt. Clemens area. Lutherans gathered for worship at the court house in Mount Clemens MI.  In 1882, Pastor Boeling came to Mt. Clemens with the purpose of founding a parish.  On April 18, 1885, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession of Mount Clemens, Michigan was established.  Services, in German, were held in a public hall.  After a donation of land on Dickinson Street was made, a building was soon constructed where Sunday worship would be held as well as classes in Trinity’s school.  Sunday evening services were conducted in English and the community was invited.  A pastor was called to Trinity school for the purpose of teaching because no teachers were available. 

The city of Mount Clemens grew as did Trinity congregation and by 1900 a new church was built next to the other buildings. The school children and the church members worked in unity to construct and furnish the new sanctuary showing the deep connection between the church and school which still exists today.

Trinity continued to grow, and a new school building was dedicated in 1926.  Sunday School was initiated and Sunday morning services in English started at that time as well.  Trinity had grown to almost 1000 members.  The Great Depression caused hardship and some cutback of school staff but by 1935, Trinity celebrated its’ 50th anniversary with a week long celebration and showed more growth and promise.

A second pastor was called to Trinity in 1937 to direct the work with youth ministries.  He expanded his area of ministry over the years to include a connection with the community – an involvement Trinity still supports today.  In 1947, Trinity was renamed Trinity Lutheran Church of Mount Clemens, a shorter name that still maintained its connection to the community. 

Moving from the 40’s into the 50’s, brought still more growth to Trinity.  Land was purchased in 1952 on Harper in Clinton Township – Trinity’s current site.  A new school building (our current school building) was built and dedicated in 1955.  By the mid 1960’s, it was clear that a new church building was needed.  Trinity had over 1100 people worshipping during 3 services on Sunday.  The current sanctuary was dedicated in 1968.  All Trinity’s members could worship at one time!  The church and school again worked in unity to furnish the new sanctuary.  The children in the school saved their pennies to help purchase the new pipe organ. 

Trinity continued to expand its ministries.  In 1971, women were given the opportunity to vote in the congregation.  In addition to our two pastors, several lay leaders were called to support our growing ministries in adult and family life, growth and assimilation, music, youth, and health and human care.  A new Community Center and an Early Childhood Center was built in 1994 to provide more outreach to the community. 

Today, Trinity’s mission, to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, is seen at work in its members who understand that a fully devoted follower knows Jesus, worships Jesus, grows in Jesus, serves Jesus and shares Jesus.  This is shown in it’s commitment of excellence in worship, its support and connection of the School and Early Childhood Center, and in all of the varied and diverse ministries Trinity has to offer.  We hope that you will find Jesus at work in the hearts of our people and ministries at Trinity as we look forward to our 125th anniversary and beyond.