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Our youth ministry provides a safe and supportive place where middle and high school students can grow into a healthy relationship with God. Each time we meet, students experience a unique experience designed just for them, with engaging conversation, relevant teaching and impactful discussion as well as the opportunity to grow alongside their peers and within the supportive environment of our youth leaders. 

Wednesday Night Meet Ups

Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. - Youth Lounge

Wednesday evening meet ups are open to students in grades 6-12. Check in at the Church Foyer and then join us in the Youth Lounge for games, fun and enriching conversation. We will meet as a larger unit and then divide into small groups by age for deeper and richer conversations. These meet ups will continue throughout the summer with new activities and opportunities. Be on the lookout for a complete youth activities calendar. 

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Confirmation Modules are open to students beginning in 6th grade

Confirmation is a process whereby students confirm their baptismal faith.  When parents bring their child to the waters of baptism, they make a promise.  Do you know what it is? A promise to shepherd the child’s heart in matters of faith - to teach them of Jesus and to lead them into HIS arms.  We want to help you live up to your promise.

Our strategy for confirmation is modular.  By offering 9 Different Modules multiple times a year - it creates flexibility in the calendar.  BUT - these modules are NOT for the student alone.  The modules are, by design, for students and parents (or those with significant spiritual influence) together. 

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