Kindle Groups


Baptized and beloved child of God! That is who you are. In baptism, we are united with Christ, and He lives through us to love and serve others. KINDLE groups provide a simple pathway for engaging God by listening to His Word and putting it into practice. As you do, you’ll find that God shapes and strengthens your identity as a Christ-like servant leader, and empowers you to be Christ’s intentional and engaging presence in your church, home, workplace, and community. The beauty of being on this Christ-like servant leader journey with a few other people is that we can encourage and spur one another on, and celebrate what God is doing in our lives. No prior knowledge is required.

So! Would you like to connect with 3 other people around God’s Word and see what happens as you put it into practice? Consider joining one of our KINDLE groups, starting the week of September 20. KINDLE groups meet 1 hour a week for 8 weeks and use a Journey Guide workbook that has daily Scripture readings (allow about 10 minutes a day), easy-to-follow group meeting instructions, and prayer prompts in it.

A few groups will meet in person. Most will be meeting virtually. For those, you will need internet access, a webcam and microphone (often integrated into your pc, tablet, or laptop) to participate.

This Fall, KINDLE Groups will use the Cultivating Faith Journey Guide, which explores five faith practices: Embrace Sabbath Living, Live and Learn Scripture, Pray Unceasingly, Witness Willingly, Serve Others. Click on the title to “Look Inside”, explore the process, and see if it resonates with you. If yes, please order yours for $8.  Kindle group registration is at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to register. If cost is an issue for you, contact Sue,   

 What people are saying about Cultivating Faith:

  • Cultivating Faith gave me a structure that led me into the Bible more and caused me to reflect on its message to me. I grew closer to God and more comfortable speaking with others about him.
  • A KINDLE group is such a safe and secure place no matter where you are on this journey of faith. It put me at ease, and I gained confidence in the Lord and in who he made me to be.
  • In my KINDLE group, I realized my faith had become very routine and I had not been challenged in a long time. Cultivating Faith brought that to light for me and led me to self-examination. I’m excited to be excited about my faith again!
  • As a result of Cultivating Faith: I include God in my daily thoughts – I encourage others more – I am letting go of fear and self-judgment – I feel empowered – I am more conscious of the impact of my words and actions and how important it is to reflect who I am as a Christ-like servant leader – I am more aware of being led and guided by God - I have a new level of patience with my family and in my workplace – my faith is more integrated into my life – I am more aware of the need to be in Scripture, as it impacts how I think and live – I now seek out Scripture for what I am going through and God leads and guides me in prayer
  • Someone told me “KINDLE will change your life”, and they were right. I hope I always put these practices to work first in my everyday life. My husband and I are starting to build a roadmap for how we want the practices to shape our family life.