Share Your Testimony

God is doing amazing things in our midst! And we need your help to tell the story. We want to collect one-minute testimonies from you. Here’s what that means: use your phone or tablet to record your own testimony and then send it to us. That’s it. Super simple. Please answer one of the following questions: 1) In what ways has God asked you to take a step in faith in the past year? 2) Where are the places in your life God has asked you to take a risk? and 3) To what new places has God moved you in the past year?

Here are some guidelines:

  • Find a quiet place with as little background noise as possible
  • Use your phone's front camera - selfie mode is ok if necessary
  • Frame yourself from the chest up (in landscape mode)
  • Start with “Hi, my name is….”
  • Upload your video below

We may not be able to use all videos and some may be edited for time. For questions contact Steve Adams,

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