At Trinity Lutheran School, we are devoted to  our mission to assist families to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered education.

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We invite you to visit Trinity to experience our school, meet our staff and learn more about the admissions process.  Complete the Schedule a Tour form and Admissions Director Rachel Nyboer will contact you to set up a time to discuss your application and visit. For more information, email  or call 586-468-8511.


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Trinity Lutheran School is a Christian School.

Our primary goal is to share the truth of the Gospels and help children and their families grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Our school provides a safe nurturing atmosphere where children can hear God’s Word daily and learn about His love and blessings. It is a place where Christian teachers help children define and implement a Christian lifestyle and Christian values. It is a place of caring and love that extends longer than the school day and beyond the classroom walls. 

Trinity is a Michigan Lutheran School of Excellence and also accredited by the Michigan Lutheran School Association, the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association, the Michigan District and the National Lutheran School Association. This means that our school and staff met high standards and are actively engaged in school improvement.


Trinity Lutheran School is a school where children also learn the following:

  • Right from wrong
  • Common courtesy and respect for others
  • Each individual is a unique creation of God with certain talents and abilities

Trinity Lutheran School is also a place where students, faculty, and parents make mistakes. Conflicts arise and behavior may, at times, not be in line with our purpose and Christian values. Therefore, our school is also a school of forgiveness, where we try to learn from our mistakes and seek out ways to help each other. 

I am happy to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns, or to provide further information on our curriculum, classroom experience, extracurricular activities, athletic offerings and more. 

In His Service,
Mark Brown
586-468-8511 ext. 131


Trinity does charge tuition. There is a discount offered to Trinity church members in good standing. To be eligible, parents must have completed the new member orientation, Life with Jesus. Also, at least one parent must worship at Trinity a minimum of 50 percent of the weeks from Jan. 1 through June 30 and then July 1 through Dec. 31. 

For those who need financial assistance, it is available. Contact Principal Mark Brown at   or Rachel Nyboer at for information.

Current Tuition 

  • 1 child - Member $3,900, Non-Member $5,925
  • 2 children - Member $6,700, Non-Member $10,725
  • 3 children - Member $8,725, Non-Member $14,525
  • Kindergarten 1/2 Day - Member $3,150, Non-Member $4,550
  • Kindergarten Full Day - Member $3,900, Non-Member $5,925

A 5% discount is available if payment is made in full by June 2023.

The non-refundable Enrollment Fee is not included in the schedule. All families enrolling children are assessed a non-refundable enrollment fee.

Other offerings at Trinity


All students attend chapel once per week. Parents are invited to worship with us on Wednesday mornings at 8:20 a.m. Students have regular faith formation time in their classrooms as well.

Lutheran Special Education Ministries

Trinity has a dedicated LSEM (Lutheran Special Education Ministries) staff member to provide expertise and support for students who need specialized, individual support. These students receive aid through a personal accommodation plan and direct LSEM consultant support during the school day. Each of our students is a unique child of God and there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to learning. Our LSEM staff makes sure students are set up for success despite any learning challenges they face. Learn more about LSEM at


Trinity offers teachers the opportunity to integrate technology into their curriculum with 1:1 Chromebooks in each classroom, iPads, interactive boards and more. Our teachers use Microsoft Teams as well as Office 365 to supplement communication with students and offer additional resources that are available anytime, either at school or at home. We also have the opportunity for students to learn broadcast arts through our daily, livestreamed morning announcements or through participating in the tech booth during weekly chapel services.

Special Subjects

All students participate in Spanish, art and computers. Students in 5th grade participate in beginner band, while band in optional for 6th through 8th graders. Choir is also offered to all students and is optional in 6th through 8th grade. In the lower grades, all students participate in choir and music classes. During 4th grade, students are introduced to the recorder.

School Age Childcare

School begins each day at 8 a.m. with dismissal at 3:15 p.m. On half-days, students are dismissed at 11:30 a.m. Students will be allowed to enter the school building no earlier 7:30 a.m. All students arriving before that time will go to SAC (School Age Childcare) run by our Early Childhood Center (ECC). At 3:30 p.m., those students not picked up at dismissal will be sent to SAC. Students not involved in an after-school activity must immediately go home or to SAC. The ECC also offers a school-age summer camp program for those who need care in the summer, or just want something fun to do! Classes meet Monday-Friday as follows: Kindergarten1/2 Day: 8 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Kindergarten Full Day: 8 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Grades 1-8: 8 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Extracurricular Activities

Trinity has an athletics program that includes cross country, soccer and girls volleyball in the fall; boys and girls basketball in the winter and track in the spring. Athletics are offered to students in 5th through 8th grade, with 4th graders invited to join in cross country and track. For more information, visit and scroll down to Athletics. Trinity also offers a variety of other activities throughout the year, including pep squad, art club, baking club, golf lessons and more.

Connect with Trinity

School Staff

Profile image of Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Principal/Seventh Grade
Profile image of Renee Kment

Renee Kment

Office Manager
Profile image of Rachel Nyboer

Rachel Nyboer

School Secretary, Co-Athletic Director
Profile image of Tanya Leon

Tanya Leon

Assistant Principal and Eighth Grade
Profile image of Jill Kopper

Jill Kopper

Sixth Grade
Profile image of Cheryl Chuhran

Cheryl Chuhran

Fifth Grade
Profile image of Grace Adams

Grace Adams

Fourth Grade
Profile image of Catha Huff

Catha Huff

Third Grade
Profile image of Jamie McMahon

Jamie McMahon

Second Grade
Profile image of Emilie Bender

Emilie Bender

First Grade
Profile image of Andrea Gastmeier

Andrea Gastmeier

Profile image of Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Computers and Upper Grade Art
Profile image of Michelle Laskowski

Michelle Laskowski

Lower Grade Art
Profile image of Stephanie Bante

Stephanie Bante

Music, Kindergarten through 4th grade
Profile image of Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis

Music, 5th through 8th Grade
Profile image of Brian Pollatz

Brian Pollatz

Profile image of Louisa Ross

Louisa Ross

LSEM - Resources Room
Profile image of Katie Erkkinen

Katie Erkkinen

Advanced Math, Resource Room, Co-Athletic Director
Profile image of Elizabeth Szwarc

Elizabeth Szwarc

Campus Director of Children and Family Ministry

Cornel Steenkamp

School Administrative Assistant

Classroom Facebook GROUPS
Each class at Trinity has a Facebook Group. These are private groups, only available to parents of students in that grade. This allows us to easily pass along information that pertains to your student's grade, share pictures that we take around the school and help acclimate new parents to Trinity and others in the same classroom. The class Facebook Groups are listed below. Please request to join the Groups of your child's class. Also, invite other classmate's parents to the group.
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