Membership at Trinity

Life with Jesus

Whether you are a lifelong believer or interested in finding out more about Christianity, this 11-week class is for you. Together, we'll explore Christ's gracious invitation of a personal relationship with God and the Spirit-filled life of following Christ as his disciple as well as the various shapes that takes here at Trinity. Life with Jesus is for anyone who would like to attend, but is especially for those considering membership at Trinity. Attending Life with Jesus does not obligate you to become a member. 

The Life with Jesus experience lays a foundation for living. For the unconvinced or new believer, it's a way to be introduced to life with Jesus. If you've already been living life with Jesus, our prayer is that our time together brings new perspective and renewal as you learn more about grace in the context of our ever-changing lives. Whether the teaching is new or brings renewal, it is God's grace that motivates us to grow in the journey of faith as fully devoted followers of Jesus and is foundational for our life together at Trinity. 

Life with Jesus is also a place to build relationships with others new to Trinity, so because of the nature of the class, we have yet to determine when we can safely provide it.   We will promote Life with Jesus in the weekly Announcer for 4-6 weeks before it begins.  If you would like to be adde to the list of those interested in this opportunity, please contact Robin Shuell, 586-463-2921 x143, or .