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Everyone has a next step. In fact, in order to accomplish the mission that Jesus gave us, we need to be constantly looking for new opportunities to grow in our faith. At Trinity, we do that in three ways, Engage God, Engage God's People and Engage the World. You might Engage God through Bible studies or Sunday morning classes. You might Engage God's People by participating the Altar Guild or Women's League or by supporting our Paper Hugs group. You could get involve with one of our mission partners or participate in a blood drive or fundraiser to Engage the World. 

If you are new, and have questions about Trinity, visit our First Visit page for all the details. 


Families desiring to have an infant or young child baptized at Trinity are first encouraged to worship with us. We understand that every church and every person are unique and we want to you to feel at home at Trinity. Prior to baptizing an infant or young child, parents must schedule a time to sit down with with Jeremy Ashley to discuss baptism: our need for baptism; the role of parents and godparents/sponsors; how to schedule a baptism; how parents and Trinity can work together to nurture the faith; as well as a walk through of the baptism celebration used at Trinity. To schedule a meeting or to find our more about baptism, please contact Jeremy at To schedule a meeting or to find our more about baptism, please contact Jeremy at

Life with Jesus

Whether you are a lifelong believer or interested in finding out more about Christianity, this 11-week class is for you. Together, we'll explore Christ's gracious invitation of a personal relationship with God and the Spirit-filled life of following Christ as his disciple as well as the various shapes that takes here at Trinity. Life with Jesus is for anyone who would like to attend, but is especially for those considering membership at Trinity. Attending Life with Jesus does not obligate you to become a member. The Life with Jesus experience lays a foundation for living. For the unconvinced or new believer, it's a way to be introduced to life with Jesus.Whether the teaching is new or brings renewal, it is God's grace that motivates us to grow in the journey of faith as fully devoted followers of Jesus and is foundational for our life together at Trinity. If you would like to be added to to the list of those interested in this opportunity, please contact Robin Shuell, 586-463-2921 x143, or

Adult Bible Studies

Trinity offers small group classes throughout the year that are designed to meet the needs of our members as well as the community. The classes are open to members as well as non-members. Our classes meet during the week as well as Sunday mornings. Due to COVID, not all of our classes have resumed yet. For a complete list of current Bible studies, check this calendar link for dates, times and descriptions.

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Children's Ministry

Trinity offers several opportunities for children to get involved with their own ministry. On Sunday mornings, we offer preschool Sunday School for 4 year-olds as well as 252, which is our Sunday School experience for those in kindergarten through fifth grade. There is also Children's Church, which is held during the sermon of the 11 a.m. worship. While these things are not meeting right now, Emily Wright, Children's Ministry director, has been posting videos and information on The TrinityCT Kids! YouTube Channel and also the 252 Ministry Facebook Group.

Youth Ministry

Mr. Wright has events just for students in sixth through 12th grade! On Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., join Mr. Wright for Youth Group meetings in the Youth Lounge, or through Microsoft Teams for small group discussion and making connections. We also have opportunities for mission projects, conferences, fun events and more.
If you have any questions, email Mr. Wright at

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Youth Confirmation

Confirmation is a process whereby students confirm their baptismal faith.  When parents bring their child to the waters of baptism, they make a promise.  Do you know what it is? A promise to shepherd the child’s heart in matters of faith - to teach them of Jesus and to lead them into HIS arms.  We want to help you live up to your promise. Trinity offers confirmation modules throughout the year to help students hear the Word, learn about it's meaning and take steps toward their own confirmation. To register for confirmation modules, visit the Confirmation page

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Impact Missions

IMPACT missions are designed to help our congregation focus on evangelistic mission opportunities beyond the walls of Trinity in which a growing number of people can make a hands-on contribution for the sake of the Gospel. Mission offerings will be given to each IMPACT Mission in line with the impact Trinity plans for each one. God has raised up leaders and teams for the following five IMPACT Missions: Compassion Pregnancy Center, Family of God Detroit, Groundwork Guatemala , the HARP Mission and Macomb Habitat for Humanity. Learn more about our IMPACT missions. 

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