2nd and 3rd grade participate in AR competition

March 19, 2024

Trinity's second and third grade classes passed 2,547 Accelerated Reader tests in six weeks. The second grade completed 532 tests, while the third graders passed 2,015 tests, ranking them third in North America of all participating LCMS schools and first place in Michigan. 
Accelerated Reader, or AR, tests are completed after a student reads the book. It rates their ability to read for content and their understanding of the material. The books are classified by reading level and tests are taken online. 
This annual challenge began Jan. 22 and was open to any elementary LCMS school in the US or Canada. The students must be able to read ont heir own. The goal was to provide motivation to Lutheran school students to read more--whether they are at home, at school, in the car or on the go. Each school recorded the students points each week of the challenge. 
Mrs. Huff's third grade class has participated in the past, placing 8th last year. Huff said her students read constantly throughout the challenge and compete to win. 
"The Huddle students read at recess, at lunch, during breaks from class, at home, on their way to and from school and everywhere in between. Their dedication to reading is what made our third place finish possible. We hope challenges like this continue to spark their interest in reading and keeps them reading past the challenge, especially into the summer months," said Huff. 

AR Reading Challenge 2024

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