8th grade Pi Day celebration involves a Goose Chase

March 21, 2024

Just a week ago, our eighth graders were celebrating Pi Day with a Goose Chase. Jill Kopper created the activity for the students to complete as a way to use and integrate Pi. Not the baked good, but the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. 

What did the students have to do?

Miss Kopper had a number of activities. They were given points for each submission and competed to be the Pi champions. Working in teams, the students had to do things like make a Pi symbol out of their bodies, rapp the formula for circumference, use props and take a group picture, take a video of two team members hula hooping for at least 3.14 seconds, take a video of two team members working through a math problem, talk about math and circles for 31 seconds on a video, sing "Happy Pi Day" to the tune of "Happy Birthday," create a 31 second video of the team singing a song that has something circular in the title, solve a riddle, find a US city that has a ZIP code containing the first five digits of Pi and more. 

Here is some of what they came up with. 

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