Cake decorating club teaches students tasty skills

May 13, 2024

Students in grades 5-8 had the oppportunity to learn more about cake and cookie decorating as part of an after school club. During the seven week class, the students learned about decorating cookies, how to use piping bags, making flowers and how to decorate an entire cake. 

The cookie and cake decorating class was led by Karen Pitters, retired director of the Early Childhood Center. The first weeks of the class, students learned how to put together and fill a piping bad, how to hold the bag and how to make lines of different decorative styles. As the class progressed, the students learn about decorating cookies and cupcakes. They honed their skills and gained confidence with the decorating tools. At the class meeting on the sixth week, they made flowers to use on their final cakes. They brought in cakes to decorate during the final week of class. They used frosting, piping bags and all the tools they learned during the class to decorate a cake by themselves. 

The class was held on Wednesdays after school and the students were able to take their tasty treats home with them after class. The participants grew in their knowledge and confidence in cookie and cake decorating. 

Cookie and Cake Decorating Club

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