Engaging the World through notes of encouragement

March 16, 2021

Trinity member Jon Kohlmann has been making cookies for years. During the pandemic, he has been taking these cookies to frontline workers as a way to encourage them through this difficult time and the work they do. He spoke to Pastor Ken for a recently Spotlight on Ministry that highlights his work

During National Lutheran Schools Week in January, Kohlmann enlisted the help of Trinity students to help brighten the day of essential workers. Trinity students in all grade wrote notes to attach to the bags of cookies that are given to the workers. Last week, we received a "thank you" from on of the mother of one of the recipients and we wanted to share that with you. 

Dear Students of Trinity,

My daughter is a nurse at a hospital. Most days at work for her, are filled with very ill patients. She works long hours and often does not get to eat her lunch or use the restroom when she works 12 hours straight. Every day is tough and filled with challenges, but she loves her job and she loves helping people. In the past year her job has become very difficult. Saying goodbye has been very tough for the nurses at the hospital and Dawn’s co-workers are worn out with many goodbyes. Dawn holds the hands of her ill patients and many of them have gone to Jesus recently. Her hands have been the last touch they have had before Jesus took their hands. Right now, so few people are thanking nurses and doctors and they feel forgotten.

Sometimes, it is so difficult for nurses and doctor to even hear “Thank You” because their hearts are aching with their own pain. Today, my daughter Dawn received cookies and a note from your school - it made her laugh, it made her happy. When people say thank you, with notes, it means the world to them. She was so touched to receive this note of love, from “home”. [Dawn was baptized at Trinity in 1980 and went to school there in 1985 to 1987, before we moved.]

What you could not know - Dawn told me last week that her job has become so very difficult that she wants to quit. She cried because she loves her job and would miss it greatly. I can’t tell you that your note will stop her from leaving the job she used to love, but today the handwritten card she received that said, "You Are Cool; You are Funny," made her laugh and cheered her spirit!!!

Please don’t ever let anyone tell you that small things don’t matter – they matter a great deal!!! You made a difference today in a woman’s heart!! If only ---- if only --- if only, a few would turn around and thank those who care for us, it might make this world a whole lot nicer! May God Bless you!! By the way: Thank you for what you have done by sending notes of cheer to these medical professional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rev. June M. Marshall-Smith, Trinity Lutheran Elementary Alumna

Thank you, Trinity students, for Engaging the World through your actions. 

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