Sixth grade uses Lego bricks to make seals

November 07, 2022

More than 500 years ago, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation by nailing the 95 theses to the church door.Our students mark Reformation Day annually with various activities to learn more about Luther and the beliefs we share as Lutherans. In Jill Kopper's sixth grade class, the students learned about the five solas and Luther's seal. Then, using Lego bricks, the students designed their own seals. Pictures of each are below, along with their information about the meaning behind them. 

The five solas are the foundation of the Protestant church, including Lutherans. They are:

  • Sola Scriptura - God's word alone. God's word is the authority. 
  • Sola fide - Faith alone - We are justified through our faith in Jesus. 
  • Sola gratia - Grace alone - It is through grace we are saved, through faith, not of our own works. 
  • Sola Chirsto - Christ alone - No one comes to God except through Jesus
  • Soli deo gloria - The the glory of God alone - We are to glorify God. 

Miss Kopper said the students used information from their studies of the Reformation, the 5 Solas and Luther's seal to build Lego creations representing their beliefs. 

2022-Sixth grade seals

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