Students explore books through Literature Fair

March 27, 2024

Trinity hosted the Literature Fair on Thursday, March 21. The students from every classroom read books, created projects and shared what they learned with the parents, family members and friends who attended. 

All of the classrooms were involved. The kindergarteners read several versions of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," and learned to compare and contrast the stories from each. The first graders studied fairy tales. They created castles with the other students at their table groups and Mrs. Bender made a large castle entrance outside of her classroom. In second grade, the focus was on "The Three Little Pigs." Students were in groups to create projects about the story. They also had fun photo props to explore. In Mrs. Huff's classroom, the students demonstrated their knowledge of different animals through written reports. Ms. Adams' fourth graders made literary cereal boxes. Fifth graders welcomed guests to their literary food trucks, complete with menus, job descriptions and information about the books they read. 

In the gym, the sixth through eighth graders displayed their book displays, telling their guests about the book and dressing up as a character from the book. There was also a display of what they are curently reading, so guests could get a book recommendation from the students. 

There was also an Eric Carle set up in the art room, where the lower grades had completed projects centered around Eric Carle books, like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Several classrooms displayed other projects, like the third grade volcanos. Student artwork also lined the halls from the kindergarten room down to the church doors. There was a lot of work on display. 

There were so many pictures, we've created the photo album for you below to enjoy the work of the students and teachers in making this night a success. 

Literature Fair 2024

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