Trinity celebrates Boy Scouts

February 08, 2022

For almost 50 years, one group has met weekly as well as helped out in several different programs to serve the Trinity community--the Boy Scouts. 

Currently, there are about 20 Cub Scots, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts that participate in the scouting programs at Trinity. While most of the scouts are currently attend or have graduated from Trinity, the group is open to any who wants to join. 

"The Scouts meet weekly to have fun, work on rank and advancement and merit badges, do commnity service projects - including two per year at Trinity and MCREST, and if a Scout is Eagle Scout eligible, he will do his project here," said Steve Hamick, the Scoutmaster, who coordinates Trinity's Boy Scout groups.

Boy Scouts is an international program, but the Trinity group puts an emphasis on "A Scout is Reverent."

"We are actively seeking new Scouts to join us on our adventures, see and learn new exciting things,help others in need in our community, and grow as individuals," said Hamick. 

The Scouting program starts at kindergarten up to age 18 for Boy Scouts and up to age 21 for Venture Scouts. Trinity's Scouts meet on Tuesday evenings and events and community service projects are usually held on the weekends. 

To get involved, contact the Church Office at 586-463-2921 and the staff can put you in touch with the appropriate people. 

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