Trinity hosts boys volleyball tournament

April 12, 2024

For a second year in a row, Trinity invited local schools to participate in a boys volleyball tournament. Last year, Trinity earned a championship, but this year St. Peter Macomb captured the title. 

The tournament on April 6, was attended by students from St. Peter Macomb, Immanuel Macomb, Trinity Utica, St. John Fraser, St. John Rochester, Our Shepherd Birmingham and Trinity. Boys volleyball isn't offered as an organized sport at the schools, but there is interest in it from many of the students. Last year, Trinity decided to jump on the interest and hosted the first-ever boys volleyball tournament. This year, the tournament was bigger and garnered even more interest. 

Trinity's team practiced for weeks before the tournament. The boys learned the rules, the techniques and even practiced against the staff members. While the Spartans didn't finish in the top three, they played hard and learned a lot. This year, St. Peter Macomb too first place, followed by Immanuel Macomb and Trinity Utica in second and third place respectively. 

Boys Volleyball Tournament

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