Two churches form one choir

November 24, 2023

Something special happened at the Reformation 9 a.m. service. A unique choir sang from the choir loft. The choir was made up of Trinity members, but also members from St. Luke Lutheran Church Clinton Township. Both churches felt strongly about having a choir to enhance worship so they decided to join forces and the result was a combined choir that can sing at either church. 

The combined choir has been working together for a few months. The practices are held on Thursdays at 7 p.m. at Trinity, except for when the choir sings at St. Luke on a Sunday. The practice before that service is held at St. Luke. 

The plan is for the choir to sing once a month at Trinity and the week following, it will sing at St. Luke. This arrangement offers the smaller congregation of St. Luke to benefit from a choir and it also allows Trinity’s minister for worship and music, Paul Finazzo, to expand the choir offerings at Trinity. 

The choir is always open to new members. To learn more about the choir, contact Paul Finazzo at   or call the Church Office at 586-463-2921.

If you missed the choir’s debut performance at Trinity, or you want to hear it again, watch the video below.

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