Update from Haiti Mission Trip

February 03, 2021

This trip to Haiti (January 19-25th, 2021) displayed many ways God used us to answer His children’s prayers in Haiti and give them HOPE! It was an honor and privilege to be His Hands and Arms while giving them His love!

We heard over and over that we brought Hope! Hope of better things to come, hope during a very dark time, hope for food, and hope of answered prayers! Through your donations we were able to purchase and distribute over 11 tons of food (rice, beans, spaghetti, corn meal, oil, fish, brown sugar, flour, and milk), be able to pass out many solar lights, seeds for growing gardens, cloth diapers for newborns, many Thrivent shirts and pillow case dresses and so much deodorant, soap, toothpaste and brushes, vitamins and pain relievers!! Wow!!! What a Huge Blessing you were in participating in this trip! And, most importantly, your prayers!! They are very much appreciated by us all! Thank You for being such an important part of this trip!! You are a true gift!! Mesi Bokou!!!

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Even during this pressing time of demonstrations and Covid we felt completely safe at all times thanks to our many Haitian workers and friends. Thank You Father God for this protection! This team was also able to fit 200 people with eye glasses so they could read their Bible, sew, garden and drive more efficiently! Hard work was done at our friend, T’Jean’s home as a foundation was started for a wall and painting and clean up at Hudsen’s Youth Home. Throughout our week there were children that were played with at multiple locations with games, crafts and piñatas! Our relationships were strengthened as we spent time with our friends and met new family members. We saw God’s Hand answering so many fervent prayers during our stay and it was so uplifting and encouraging that God is always present even during some of the darkest times! To God be the Glory Always!! He was definitely SEEN! Again, THANK YOU for being an integral part of this trip!! Alleluia! Amen!!

-Our sincere gratitude from Keith and Kim Waller, Alyssa Voiland, Kat and Joda Sutton