Preschoolers celebrate parents

May 23, 2022

Children in Trinity's Early Childhood Center's preschool classes were able to resume the annual parent nights this year, after being canceled for the last two years.

First, the kids brought their dads to school. The children and their dads or father-figures came to Trinity for a hot dog picnic in the gym, followed by plenty of activities. There was basketball, bowling, hula hoops and reading. It was an opportunity for the kids and their dads to spend some time together. 

On Thursday, May 5, Trinity's ECC presented Painting with Mom. The children could bring their mom for a special night of art. The mom andchild pairs were presented with everything they needed to make a spring-themed masterpiece. The teachers helped to guide them through the painting process. The night ended with a snack and story time. 

Check out all the pictures from our parent events below!

2022-ECC Parent Nights

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