Marriage Resources

Marriage Resources

Wondering where you are in your marriage relationship?  Here's a "marriage map" to help you find your way.  Want to know top ten ways to avoid divorce? If you practice these 10 steps with regularity, your marriage will become stronger than ever.  Click here to find out. The Marriage Manual is also helpful for couples.

Want a weekend away from the kids just for the two of you with NO distractions?  Consider attending a Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekend. If you’re like many couples, it’s been a long time since you gave yourself time together just to “talk for hours” and re-connect. Check out for upcoming dates and locations.

Dealing with kids and their schedules with little time for your couple relationship?  Read the "Mommy Madness" article here.

Do you feel distant from your spouse and wonder about divorce?  Watch this video called, "The Walk Away Wife Syndrome."  

Or, if you find yourself in the midst of troubling conflict, disagreements and ongoing tension, you can find hope and healing through a “Retrouvaille” weekend.  This ministry includes a powerful weekend experience led by couples who’ve been brought back from the brink of divorce through Christ’s healing presence. A series of six follow-up sessions provide additional support and guidance. Go to

Another resource is "Should I Keep Trying to Work it Out? - A Guidebook for Individuals and Couples at the Crossroads of Divorce." Click here to download a free copy. Or, watch this as an online video series here. 

Recent studies are indicating the effects and impact of divorce on young adults and their spiritual beliefs.  To watch the 30 minute video, "Between Two Worlds: The Spiritual Lives of Children of Divorce", click here

Have you been stung by the pain of marital infidelity?  Here's a free guidebook "Recovering From Affairs" with practical advice and hope.

And finally, consider a useful inventory called, “Enrich” to identify couple strength and growth areas.  You’ll respond to a variety of questions on communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexuality, spirituality, parenting, leisure activities, friends and family and more.  Couples then receive 4-6 sessions of guided feedback and interpretation. Contact David Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor, by email    or by phone 586-468-0401, and check out for more details.