Athletics at Trinity

Students in Grades 5-8 are eligible to pay to participate in athletics.  Boy’s sports include Cross-Country (co-ed), Soccer (co-ed), Basketball, and Track (co-ed); Girl’s sports include Cross-Country (co-ed), Soccer (co-ed),  Volleyball, Basketball,  and Track (co-ed). 

For many years, our students have participated in athletic competition at the inter-scholastic level.  We feel that with proper direction, this aspect of the physical education program can play a valuable part:

For many years, our students have participated in athletic competition at the inter-scholastic level.  We feel that with proper direction, this aspect of the physical education program can play a valuable part: 

  • in providing a wholesome outlet for recreation, fun and enjoyment in a Christian setting and under Christian leadership;
  • in promoting and developing sportsmanlike attitudes, conduct and relationships;
  • in teaching children the importance of self-sacrifice, team spirit, and team play;
  • in training children to properly accept victory and defeat, success and failure.
  • in teaching students to approach the tasks and challenges of life with vigor and determination;
  • in offering sports skill training to children;
  • in opening the door for children to wholesome associations with people outside of the school and congregation.


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Sports Programs - Some sports from year to year may not be offered depending on the availability of coaches, number of participating students or teams to participate against.  Any addition or deletion of a sport will be done through the athletic director and principal.

  • There is a fee to participate in athletics at Trinity.  The fee is available from the Athletic Director or school office.
  • Physical Examinations - Parents must have a physical form in the school office for their child to participate in sports.  The physical must occur no earlier than April 16 of the previous school year.
  • After School Pick-up - Athletes should be picked up from their practice not later than 15 minutes after the scheduled practice is completed.  At this time the athlete will be entered in our School Age Childcare program.
  • Transportation - Parents are responsible to transport their son/daughter to and from athletic competitions or to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Spectators - Spectators are an important part of the game and should at all times strive to conform to Christian standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.  Spectators should remain in the gym during the game except between quarters, halftime, and emergencies.
  • Courtesy toward other schools - When visiting other schools for athletic events, only game shoes should be worn on the gym floor.  Game shoes must not be worn anywhere other than the gym floor so that mud, snow and dirt do not wear away the finish on the gym floor.  Students must remain in the gym and not wander around the school.  They may leave the gym during the end of a quarter to use the restroom or visit the concession stand.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during an athletic event or practice.  Once students leave the building they will not be allowed reentry.
  • Students who have a later practice or are staying at school for a game, must be under the direct supervision of a staff member.  Permission must be received prior to the practice or game.


Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right.  A student in grades 5-8 must maintain a 2.0 average, not receive a grade of "F" in any subject, and have no incompletes on his/her progress report or report card.  The student will not be eligible to participate in an extracurricular activity for a minimum of two weeks if these criteria are not met.  The student's eligibility will be reviewed by the teachers involved after a minimum of two weeks to determine whether or not the student is allowed to participate again.  Also, if a student is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons, he may be ineligible for extracurricular activities for a period of two weeks.

The following extra-curricular activities at Trinity will be considered for the eligibility policy: 

Co-Ed Cross Country     4-8
Girls’ Volleyball     5&6 / 7&8
Co-Ed Soccer          5&6 / 7&8
Girls' & Boys' Basketball     4 (girls only), 5&6 / 7&8
Co-Ed Track            5&6 / 7&8